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New track up!

New track up!

New track up!


Hey everybody!

So I guess I’ve been giving tumblr a miss for quite some time now but I’m back. I’ll try and keep everything up to date but I cant promise anything.

Anyway in the last while, I’ve been working on some new material which resulted in a new album which is called Vision and can be downloaded for free from BandCamp here:

Also, I decided to put the soundtrack I did a few years ago for Nosferatu (1922) on BandCamp so it’s easier to find and download. The old way wasn’t working all that well. So you can download it here:

You can also watch the music synced with the film here:

Finally, I’ve discovered which I’ve become a bit obsessed with in the last day or so. Anyway, if you don’t know it, it’s a site that allows you to upload tracks or take music from the internet and put them in a mix. It’s really cool, so I’ve decided to start making some mixes that may or may not include some Before The Beginning material. Depending on how I’m feeling! So, get to making an account and discovering all new music.
- You can follow me here:
- My first mix (Ambient/Chill) can be heard here:

The recent remix of En Route by Balmorhea that I have done is up on SoundCloud for ye to check out!

A different one for ye. It’s a happy groovy sounding track with hints of drone, ambiance and hip hop. Enjoy! :)